Family Dining Expert

Ask The Restaurant Mom how to increase your restaurant’s revenues.

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Open For Business

Reconsidering your family marketing strategy? Put The Restaurant Mom to work for you.

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Being Kid-Friendly

It’s about service, menu, and amenities and it’s easier than you might think.



Restaurants often tell me “we don’t want to attract families with kids.” And I say “why not?” They make up about half of the population and they are easier to please than you think. They are loyal and they talk – that valued “word of mouth.”

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The Restaurant Mom has appeared in segments on the local Fox network, in several newspapers, and writes monthly articles for family magazines. She also produces on-site video restaurant reviews and conducts webinars.

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Tools You Can Use

Wondering what products you can get to assist in your quest to be more kid-friendly? Looking for safe high chairs or jam-packed activity books? The Restaurant Mom has been searching the globe for products that can assist you in that quest.

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Who is The Restaurant Mom?

The Restaurant Mom is the industry’s leading kid-friendly dining expert. She’s been conducting consumer research since 2007 to identify consumer hot buttons for taking kids out to eat. These hot buttons translate into the restaurant’s areas of service, menu, and amenities. With The Restaurant Mom’s help, restaurants can see the impact of word of mouth, and experience an increase in repeat visits and higher check averages with this market segment.